Cleaning of objects.

Complex cleansing

Room cleaning

The premises must be kept clean, taking care of the health of employees and customers. Cleaning the premises is a task that involves a whole team of cleaning campaign specialists.


Cleaning after a fire

Such cleaning is not only a very laborious process, but it must also be carried out in a certain order and with the involvement of special tools. Here you need to take into account a lot of factors and only then the result will be ideal.


Cleaning after renovation

You can avoid such a “headache” by contacting professionals who are ready to provide post-construction cleaning services with high quality and in the shortest possible time. Our company is ready to provide a wide range of services


Office cleaning

An orderly, neat appearance of the office space is the first and one of the most important components for the productive work of any office. The attitude towards the company of potential customers develops from the first minutes of being in the office


Restaurant cleaning

Restaurants are synonymous with luxury and wealth, expensive interiors and, of course, seductive smells. The main sign of such establishments is their cleanliness outside and inside. Cleaning a restaurant is a rather troublesome and complex undertaking.


Cottage cleaning

General cleaning of cottages is the prerogative of serious cleaning companies that provide services of European level and quality. General cleaning of cottages involves washing all surfaces lined with tiles, as well as walls and ceilings.


Apartment cleaning

We provide our clients with such a service as apartment cleaning. After a hard day, it is very important to return to a clean and comfortable home. While you are conquering new peaks, our specialists will take care of your apartment.


Cleaning before the baby is born

Cleanlight professionals have developed a special algorithm for cleaning before the birth of a child. Many years of experience have shown that this particular scheme is the most optimal and effective.


Yacht cleaning

Cleaning yachts is a rather complicated process. Therefore, the involvement of cleaning specialists here is not only justified, but simply necessary. Our company has highly qualified employees with extensive experience in ship cleaning


Cleaning after rent

Unfortunately, tenants are not always quite neat, and therefore dirt can accumulate for months, or even years. In this case, the services of a cleaning company are simply necessary. Especially if the apartment needs to be cleaned before delivery.


Elevator cleaning

For a professional, this task can be done twice, but it is always necessary to understand all the specifics and features of such cleaning. More often, cleaning of elevator cabins is ordered for office centers, entrances of residential buildings and cottages.


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