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Modern pace of life often leaves no time for house cleaning. And this can be understood, because every year the pace is only growing and it is important to keep up with them in order to succeed. That is why we provide our customers with such a service as apartment cleaning. After a hard day, it is very important to return to a clean and comfortable home. While you are conquering new peaks, our specialists will take care of your apartment.

You can order two types of apartment cleaning: regular cleaning; general cleaning.

Regular apartment cleaning, or daily cleaning, implies a narrow range of activities that an apartment needs every day: dusting; work with a vacuum cleaner; wet cleaning of floors; washing dishes; washing and processing the bathroom, toilet bowl, sink; change of bed linen; washing and ironing.

As for general cleaning, it includes more global events: washing windows on both sides; curtains, curtains and blinds are treated with a steam generator or washed; dust and cobwebs are swept from the ceilings, as well as all surfaces in the apartment; wiping lamps, sockets, door handles and doors; washing batteries, radiators, pipes; bath, toilet bowl, shower cabin are disinfected, washed, and plaque and soap stains are also eliminated; taps throughout the apartment are rubbed to a shine; Grease stains are removed from all surfaces in the kitchen. The stove, oven, microwave and refrigerator are also washed; upholstered furniture is either treated with a steam generator or subjected to a wet wash. It depends on the wishes of the client; all furniture in the apartment is treated with special means. For varnished surfaces, only those substances are used that will not damage the coating; baseboards, doors, doorways are wiped.

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