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Cleaning up after the end of the lease is a top priority for property owners. Unfortunately, tenants are not always clean enough, and therefore dirt can accumulate for months, or even years. In this case, the services of a cleaning company are simply necessary. Especially if the apartment needs to be put in order in a short period of time before the next delivery. It is worth noting that cleaning after rent has a number of its own characteristics, which is why we made it a separate service.

After rent cleaning features:
Garbage collection. After each move, a large amount of garbage remains. It can be household waste, as well as things that turned out to be unnecessary to their previous owners.
Cleaning of carpets and carpets. As you know, such floor coverings accumulate a huge amount of dirt, and after renting, difficult stains and scuffs may remain on them. The specialists of our company will help to return the carpet or carpet to its former cleanliness and freshness.
Window washing. This stage is also one of the most important, because tenants often do not bother themselves with this process. It should be noted that for washing windows we use professional equipment that allows you to quickly and effectively get rid of dirt.
Bathroom disinfection. The toilet and bathroom need a thorough cleaning after the previous tenants. This is not only a matter of cleanliness, but also of safety.
Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture. Elimination of stains, as well as treatment with special means for removing parasites that could “settle” inside sofas and armchairs, is simply necessary if the apartment or house has been rented out for a long time.

With the help of professional equipment, we will quickly put any room in order!

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