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Having started cleaning or ordering cleaning for a room, we think little about cleaning elevator cabins. It seems to go without saying – something that is not worth a closer look. For a professional cleaner, this task can be done twice, but it is always necessary to understand all the specifics and features of such cleaning. Often, cleaning of elevator cabins is ordered for office centers, entrances of residential buildings, as well as private cottages.

Cleaning the elevator entrance of a residential building

What could be easier than cleaning 1.5 square meters? But, nevertheless, very often professional cleaners remove old dirt and unpleasant odors. This is especially true for the elevator rooms of residential buildings, where cleaning could not be carried out for several years. If the elevator is located in a fairly old residential building and has plywood surfaces, then quite aggressive chemicals are used when washing such a room. The main difficulty in such elevators is the smell. It is observed both in old houses and in new ones. Very often in our practice, in addition to conventional detergents, we also use a special ozonator to remove unpleasant odors.

Office building elevator

Most likely, there you will not see graffiti and gum on the walls. But do not forget about the technical component of such an elevator. The number of people using the elevator is many times greater than the use in the entrance of a residential building. This means that the elevator needs to be cleaned regularly. Of course, if such an elevator is regularly washed and kept clean and tidy, then often cleaning services are superfluous. But again, back to the problem of a specific smell. That is why every six months it is necessary to carry out special cleaning work, which will be a kind of disinfectant that kills not only odors, but also various accumulating bacteria …

In cleaning the elevator of any building, premises, it is important to use special cleaning products, based on the type of surfaces and their features, which will be taken into account by the cleaner in the first place.

CleanLight cleaning company team is always happy to help you. We are ready not only to perfectly clean the elevator of your home or office, but also to provide a number of other high-quality cleaning services.

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