Cleaning after a fire

Comprehensive cleansing.

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The fire itself inflicts huge losses on the victims. But after it, another important question arises: how to bring the premises that survived the fire back into a residential state? We strongly recommend that you seek professional help in this case. Remember that such cleaning is not only a very laborious process, but it must also be carried out in a certain order and with the involvement of special tools. There are many ways to clean up after a fire. Here you need to take into account a lot of factors and only then the result will be perfect.

What happens to the room after the fire: the walls are covered with soot and soot; an unpleasant and unhealthy odor remains; things that have been exposed to fire can melt and solder to coatings and walls; due to extinguishing a fire with foam or water, there is a high probability of mold and mildew in the room. In such a situation, it is simply impossible to do without the involvement of special equipment and the experience of professionals.

How to clean up after a fire?

In order to put the room in order, do not take up cleaning randomly

Our experts work according to a well-established plan, which helps to get rid of the consequences of a fire effectively and quickly enough: Garbage, as well as things that cannot be restored, are removed from the premises; Removing soot from all surfaces. It is this stage that is one of the most important, because the quality of its implementation depends on how healthy the atmosphere in the apartment will be in the future. With the help of special means, disinfection and removal of the smell of burning are carried out. If the room has retained high humidity, it is dried. At the final stage, the room is ozonized. It is this technique that helps to completely eliminate unpleasant odors.

The specialists of our company have extensive experience in this kind of cleaning, so you can safely entrust us with restoring order in your premises!

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