Washing windows and chandeliers.

Complex cleansing

Window cleaning

Window cleaning can be a real test of strength. If we talk about facades and shop windows, then the situation here is more complicated and you can’t do without the help of professionals. Especially if the room is on the upper floors.


Showcase washing

The number of visitors, buyers, guests depends on the appearance of the windows. Washing glass showcases should be carried out according to the rules at least three times a year. Because the first impression of a potential client is important for the image of a company or institution


Facade washing

If you need to clean the facade of your house or high-rise office building, Cleanlight experts will be happy to help you. You can order the services of professionals immediately or get a free consultation from a manager.


Chandelier washing

Cleaning chandeliers is just as important as cleaning windows and mirrors in a house. Cleanliness is shown in the details that create the overall impression in the house. A chandelier will transform your interior only if it shines with cleanliness.


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