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If you need to clean the facade of your house or high-rise office building in Kyiv, Cleanlight specialists will be happy to help you. You can order the services of professionals immediately or after receiving a preliminary free consultation of the manager. You can also apply for cleaning work on the website.

Washing building facades: main goals

Whatever the cost of cleaning the facade of buildings, the demand for this service has remained consistently high for many years. And this is surprising, since it is the front part of any house that is its “face”. If the front of the building is clean and shiny, it attracts attention and says a lot about how successful the company is doing.

With the help of professional facade cleaning, the surface of the building is freed from emissions, dirt and dust that have settled on it. Proper cleaning also removes efflorescence, that is, white stains on the surface of the walls that appear on the facade material of almost any kind. The issue is especially relevant for brickwork. However, the glass facade cleaning service is also popular and useful. In this case, when working, special compositions and tools are used that do not allow characteristic stains to form on the surface.

After professional cleaning of the facade, performed using high quality materials and equipment, the surface will receive additional protection from dust and other particles of pollution. After this cleaning, your building will stay clean and shiny for a longer time. Dirt and dust will not linger on the surface of the house.

Peculiarities of the facade cleaning service

You can find out our prices for high-rise washing of facades right now. Cleanlight specialists are also ready to answer your other questions about the services provided. After completing the work, you will receive not only a perfectly clean facade of the building, but also our guarantees. During the cleaning process, the exterior finishing materials of the building will not be damaged.

Our Cleanlight company has been operating in the cleaning services market for many years. During this time, we managed to find the best technologies and materials for professional cleaning of facades of any kind. Thanks to the use of special equipment and water with the best detergents, we can easily wash off old and stubborn dirt from the surface, simply by dissolving them. You don’t have to worry about the presence of streaks – after drying, they will not be even on the brightest sunny day.

Are we ready to deal with complex façades with awkward roofs, large canopies, complex fixtures and negative angles? Yes. Due to the availability of special equipment, we are able to work successfully at any height and with any object.

If you are interested in washing facades, Kyiv will offer you the services of many companies. Choose us and you will give preference to professionals who have undergone special training. Before performing work, they will determine the optimal type of necessary inventory, equipment, equipment and detergents. Cleaning of hard-to-reach areas located in an inconvenient place or at high altitude is also possible.

If you decide that your building needs to be rid of pollution, restore the original beauty of the exterior and protect it from adverse influences, contact Cleanlight right now.

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