Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture

Dry cleaning.

Comprehensive cleaning of upholstered furniture

Aesthetics of the house implies the obligatory cleanliness of upholstered furniture. Children and pets, sloppy guests and awkward hosts constantly damage this purity. Spots appear on the backs of the sofas after touching heads, traces of coffee, tea and Coca-Cola are clearly visible on the chair. After the holidays, it seems that Olivier was eaten not from plates, but from chairs. All this irritates, causes a natural desire to put the furniture in order. But how and with what?

The furniture is expensive, with gasoline, vinegar, cotton wool and a brush, it’s scary to approach it. And here it should be remembered that the days have come when the phrase furniture dry cleaning sounds completely ordinary, like something ordinary and familiar. But the times are not far off when the mention of this procedure evoked associations with foreign countries, with Europe, where everyone can already do it. Today everyone can do it in Ukraine.

Order dry cleaning of furniture in Kyiv

Residents of Kyiv and large Ukrainian cities have the opportunity to fully use the services of European-level dry cleaners, equipped with cutting-edge equipment and well-trained staff. Now it can already be argued that dry cleaning of upholstered furniture at home has become commonplace for the vast majority of urban residents in our country. And every day there are even more people who want to use dry cleaning services, because a modern consumer who has paid a lot of money for his furniture will not use old-fashioned methods, but will turn to a structure that does it professionally and guarantees the quality of the work performed. After all, the procedure for cleaning upholstered furniture requires special attention in the selection of reagents corresponding to a particular degree of contamination.

Upholstered furniture dry cleaning process

For effective and fabric-friendly cleaning, a number of aspects must be considered. First you need to determine the degree and depth of contamination, the origin and composition of the stains. Then the characteristics of the fabric are clarified: is it natural or artificial, which will help you choose the chemicals you need for cleaning it and the necessary technical devices. In order for the upholstery of armchairs and sofas to remain intact after dry cleaning, it is important to verify its strength and find out the degree of hygroscopicity, because in the process of cleaning and washing upholstered furniture, it is subjected to both mechanical processing and high moisture content. It is important to avoid waterlogging, carefully remove the remnants of reagents, and gently dry the fabric to avoid residual moisture and mold odors.

The consumer needs to know that the process of dry cleaning of upholstered furniture involves several stages. Here and the use of vacuum cleaners that extract all the dust, then careful treatment of stains with special reagents, then special substances are applied to the entire surface that raise dirt to the surface, and finally, washing with water using extractors.

For natural fabrics: wool, linen, cotton, dry cleaning or foaming is more suitable in order to avoid shrinkage and deformation of fabrics. Artificial fabrics are processed without conditions and restrictions.

Acrylic, polyester, lavsan are durable and do not shrink. For dry cleaning such upholstery, extractors are used. Here we should not forget the leather furniture and furniture made of natural suede, which require special attention. Such furniture, as a rule, is subjected to dry cleaning, treatment with water-soluble reagents, followed by the application of a protective film.

Upholstery made of synthetic fabrics such as polyamide, kapron or nylon, practically does not absorb moisture, is not subject to friction, and retains color brightness for a long time. But they also have very low heat resistance, stains, especially greasy ones, are very difficult to remove from them.

Modern dry cleaning of upholstered furniture

Modern dry cleaning offers a wide range of services to its clients. Steam cleaning, removing bed mites from mattresses, using steam generators, dry foam cleaning. From the hands of professionals, your furniture will come out as good as new. New generation dry cleaners are always ready to advise clients on how to optimize prices for the provision of services, and advise on the use of effective, environmentally friendly reagents. It should be especially remembered that by contacting a dry cleaner, you entrust your property to professionals, which is the key to high-quality and timely work. Making sure that our cleaning company not only provides cleaning services for upholstered furniture, but also performs them with high quality at a reasonable price, you will undoubtedly become our regular customer. This will give you confidence that your furniture will always be clean and tidy. Its exploitation will become truly unlimited. And remember – the aesthetics of the house also implies the cleanliness of upholstered furniture.

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