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Such a floor covering as carpet is often used both in residential apartments and in offices, as well as other commercial premises.

It has a number of benefits that other finishes cannot provide: softness; heat; aesthetics, etc.

But along with this, carpet needs very careful care. Often the owners of this coating neglect special cleaning methods, believing that cleaning with a simple vacuum cleaner is enough. It is worth remembering that the carpet needs to be dry-cleaned at least once a year, and preferably more often. The thing is that this coating, due to improper care, can harm your health.

Why this happens: fine debris penetrates deep into the carpet (for example, sand); if there are small children in the house, then the carpet is contaminated daily and not all stains can be removed on their own (plasticine, juices, paints, etc.); water spilled and not dried in time can provoke the appearance of fungus and mold inside the coating; household dust is much more difficult to remove from carpet than from other coverings;

It is also worth noting that carpet is a favorable environment for the reproduction of saprophytes (a type of mites). Neighborhood with these microscopic insects can adversely affect the health of households. Here we can talk about all kinds of allergies and even asthma! This also applies to mold and fungus, which multiply quickly under carpet.

Dry cleaning allows you to: remove all stains from the surface; refresh the appearance of the coating; completely get rid of harmful mites, mold and fungus; remove “deposits” of small debris from under the carpet; improve the atmosphere in the room (no dust makes it easier to breathe).

The specialists of our company are ready to dry clean carpets with any degree of contamination. In our work, we use high-quality and effective materials that are safe for humans

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